Boost CVPR

 Boost based Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Library

Boostcvpr is a collection of C++ classes, functions and templates that implement many state-of-the-art popular algorithms of Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. It is based on the famous Boost C++ library (
 The key feature that distinguished Boostcvpr from other related libraries like OpenCV is that it is a pure C++ library and takes full advantages of C++ templates and Boost generic programming. It does not rely on external numerical libraries.
 Boostcvpr uses boost::multi_array<> to contain images and matrices, boost::graph <> to represent graph, and boost::lambda and boost::mpl to build compile-time algorithms. This will make Boostcvpr very flexible and versatile.
 The algorithms in Boostcvpr can be roughly divided into four categories:
 *Basic algorithms, such as eigen solver, graph manipulation, fitting and interpolation.
 *Image processing, such as filtering, histogram, edge detection.
 *Pattern recognition and statistical learning, such as PCA, ICA, LDA, meanshift, SVM.
 *Computer vision such as optical flow, kalman filter, image segmentation, object tracking.
 The audience of Boostcvpr is researchers, students and engineers working in artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision.
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